"How I went from ebook publisher to

NY Times Best Seller by scoring $5.8 million

in free advertising from the media..."



From: Ron Douglas

Dear Friend,


It's amazing what can happen in just a year.  All of a sudden I was able to breakthrough and get mainstream media coverage for the same product I'd been selling Online for 5 years.  I'm kicking myself for not walking down this path years ago, but at least now I can help you get there faster.


As a result of the credibility I received from the media, my traffic and income have skyrocketed.  And many people have been actively seeking me out to learn my "secrets." The only problem is, I don't have enough time to consult with everyone one on one.  So, to help as many people as possible, I decided to share exactly what I did and all that I've learned in my "Publicity Secrets Revealed" case study.


Credibility is a major selling point that can make or break a business. If your customers perceive you as an expert or authority, itís much more likely they will buy from you. Two proven ways to become a perceived authority are to publish a book and get media exposure.


You already know that being able to put ďauthor of...Ē next to your name will instantly make people see you as someone important.


You already know that being able to say ďas seen on...Ē will instantly boost your credibility and sales.


So, whatís stopping you from doing it?


There is a common misconception that both publishing a book and getting publicity are difficult.  Nothing can be further from the truth!  By seeing how someone you know has done it, you will finally find the motivation needed to make it happen for yourself.


Do YOU have a good idea for a book inside your mind?  It doesnít have to be a best seller for it to instantly boost your credibility. If you can come up with 15 bullet points and 10 pages written for each point, you have enough for a book. You donít even have to write it yourself. And with the resources available on the Internet today, your book can be published and selling in just a few days.


Do YOU have a potential story that is press worthy?  If you have an idea for product or service thatís good enough for customers to buy, there is an angle you can find to get publicity. The media has to constantly find new stories to cover. Just looking at some of the nonsense that gets featured everyday should motivate you.


In this course, Iím going to share with you exactly how I went from ebook publisher to NY Times Best Seller by scoring $5.8 million in free advertising from the media. Youíre also going to get my insider tips for both publishing a book and getting publicity.


It all starts with believing in yourself and taking the first step.  Do YOU believe in yourself?  Are YOU ready to take the first step? 


Iím going to show you can get it done this week - even if you hate to write and donít have any media contacts.

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Here's Some Proof of What Publicity Can Do For You


Two books in the Top 5 Amazon movers and shakers at the same time:



Just one of my websites got over 16.7 million page views in 2009 (notice the spike in July):



My email database went from less than 150,000 subscribers to well over 270,000:



My book was ranked as high as #3 on the NY Times Best Seller's list:



I was featured on Google Trends as one of the hottest stories in the country (ahead of Barbara Bush and Terrell Owens):




Here Are Some of the Things You'll Learn in Publicity Secrets Revealed


How to create a product that the media will love.


How to find a niche that will have mass appeal but not be too competitive.


The marketing strategy I used to sell over 50,000 self published books and ebooks on my website.
The fastest way to build a huge email list of loyal followers.
How I was able to get a $100,000 advance on my very first book deal.

Ten surefire ways to guarantee you get publicity within 60 days.


Exactly what I did to get a live link from MSN's home page and double my website traffic.

How to find an angle for a story that is sure to get media attention.


Easy resources for finding media contacts and how to best reach out to them.


How to write a press release that actually gets read and responded to.


How to get a professional book published in under a week even if you don't like to write.


Why it's much more likely to get publicity if you're a published author.


How to dramatically improve your chances of getting a book deal.


What to do to get media attention besides just sending press releases.


Here's What You'll Receive



Publicity Secrets Revealed (Case Study)

In this report, Iím going to share with you the real life experiences and lessons learned on my unique journey from ebook publisher to best selling author and media sensation. My goal is to open your eyes to some new opportunities that will catapult your business to a whole new level of success.



Interview with the Publicist and Literary Agent

In this 1 hour and 10 minute interview, I grill my publicist and literary agent with questions until they reveal everything they know about getting media exposure and pitching a book deal.  You'll get real world insights that are not taught anywhere else.  Plus, I will reveal to you my contacts so that you can use them as well.

Full Transcript of the Interview

For your convenience, I invested in a transcription service to have the entire 1 hour and 10 minute interview with my Publicist and Literary Agent typed up as a PDF document.  Now you can follow along with the interview and the notes are already taken for you.


The Press Releases That Got Us $5.8 Million in Free Advertising From the Media

You'll get the exact press releases we used that got us national media exposure on all the major networks.  You'll see how professionals create angles for stories and pitch them to the media.  We'll even show you where to find media contacts and the best way to approach them.

Access to Our Member Support Forum

It's impossible for us to cover every aspect of publishing and publicity that applies to everyone in one course.  However, I will answer any questions you have on the forum, and along with the other members, we will work together collectively to help each other succeed.  You can share your experiences there and get personal support.


How Much Will All This Cost?


In a survey of 10 Internet Marketers who had reviewed this product, I asked the question "how much should the  information shared in this course cost?"  Their answers ranged between $147 and $297.  In fact, just one on these proven strategies can catapult your business to new levels.  However, as a special introductory offer, for a limited time the price for this course is just a one time investment of:


Just $147


Get Your Copy Now For Only

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Details: After your payment, you will click the "return to merchant" link to return to the website and instantly receive the product. 


30 Day Money Back Guarantee:  If for any reason you believe that this product is not exactly as described, we will refund your payment for up to 30 days.


To Your Success,


Ron Douglas


P.S.  The price of this course will soon be increasing and we plan to roll out this product for affiliates to promote at a much higher price.  Order now to lock in this special introductory offer.


Customer Reviews


Dear Ron,


I just wanted to send you this letter so that I could say thank you for all the great information that I learned reviewing your Publicity Secrets product.


The timing could not have been more perfect, my wife Claire had just finished her first cookbook and we were about to release it. The information you provided helped us ensure that our book launch

would be a success and it was.


With your help we were able to fast track some of the things that we thought would take much longer.


I will recommend your product to anybody I know who is thinking of launching a book.


Wishing you continued success,


Brad and Claire Gosse



Ron's Publicity Secrets revealed gives a step by step blueprint to make any media project a success.


I was blown away with the strategies he suggests and one of them has already started to work in less than a week. The second step on page 18 has totally changed the way I think about getting by books out to the general public.


To simply put it, if you are trying to sell any form of information, Ron's product is the best investment you can make.


Vondre Whaley



I just got done reading through the course, and listening to the recording; I have to just ask, Ron are you crazy?  The price you're charging is way too low.


With all of the info you are giving you should be charging a lot more. I was really impressed on the recording when they tell you exactly how to get on TV and get coverage. I will be putting this to use myself.


Once again Ron you deliver a superior product as always.


I just have one thing to say to anyone reading this, grab it now before he comes to his senses and charges what the training is worth.


Keith Dougherty




You are a true inspiration and a good friend! What you have done with your Publicity Secrets course is nothing short of 1st Class.


Once I started digging into all of the content I Could Not Put it Down.

You're story is Amazing and proves that with enough determination, dedication and vision, anyone can become a New York Times Best Seller... and Get Some Major Publicity for FREE!.


I really appreciate the step by step instructions and phenomenal resources you provide... especially the Press Releases!


I'm absolutely stunned at the price...what a steal. Can't wait to come down and visit you in Florida again for your next Home Shopping Network Appearance :-)


All the Best

Sean McAlister





Downloaded your Publicity Secrets Course, and first of all need to say how upset I am. My Weight Watcherís plans are going to go off-track for awhile, I can already tell in advance, with mentions of your secret delicious recipes!  But hey, it will be a tasty adventure, so thatís OK.

Aside from that, though, wow! If you held anything back about had you got started, and very specific steps from there for your success, Iím just speed-reading too fast to absorb it all. Your course certainly is a must for todayís ecommerce-minded entrepreneur, a wonderful addition to the marketing / PR toolbelt!


Thanks for the info and tasty treats that will result as I dig more into your course Ė and recipes.  Hereís to your continued success Ė and the success of all your students!



Diana Barnum, Ghostwriter

Moving Ahead Communications




I was very confused about how to promote my children and parent fitness book. But, after getting my hands on your course, it showed me a clear path on where to start and how I would get results.

Publicity Secrets is giving you information that you would have to pay thousands of dollars to a coach for and we can get this information for such a low price.


I recommend this product to everyone who wants to promote any product, Publicity Secrets is a must, if you don't have it get it "NOW"


Greeba Barlow



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Get Your Copy Now For Only

Secure Payments
Made Through PayPal


Details: After your payment, you will click the "return to merchant" link to return to the website and instantly receive the product. 


30 Day Money Back Guarantee:  If for any reason you believe that this product is not exactly as described, we will refund your payment for up to 30 days.

Earnings Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that each individualís success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.


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